Epitome is a Minecraft server focused on leveling the playing field between casual and frequent players, maintaining the spirit of survival mode, and being open with its community.

What does this mean in practice?

  1. Global shop - We have only a single centralized shop, and not a plethora of player run shops. The players are still the ones setting prices and selling their wares, they just do so from a single centralized shop. This makes it easier for both sellers & buyers.
  2. No warps - Warps take away a lot of the challenge of survival. Instead we use a network of roads in the nether, with portals spread out across the world. This also encourages building of a community, and results in people getting to know who their neighbors are.
  3. No vote/pay-to-win gameplay abilities - We don’t allow any special gameplay affecting abilities. Meaning no flying, infinite water buckets, or anything of the sort. All the vote rewards are purely cosmetic.
  4. Stats - We track tons of statistics about the server and its players. The server stats show you the health of the system. We don’t hide the TPS, or any other metrics. If things aren’t going well, we’re not going to lie about it and hide the details. As for the player stats, well those are just for fun.
  5. Public CoreProtect access - Anyone, not just moderators, is able to obtain access to the CoreProtect inspect tools. You’re free to look things up on your own. Though for privacy reasons we hide some things like container access and commands used.

Server address



Discord is where the community discussion lives. Announcements, discussions, suggestions, ban appeals, etc, all happen there. We also have a discord channel which allows chatting with those in game.

Invite URL: discord.epitome.world