Be respectful

Respect the other players and don’t ruin the game for them.
That’s the one key rule.

To put this in concrete terms:

  1. Don’t disturb other people’s builds, or the area with 100 blocks.
    If you’re going to build a giant structure, go a little further.
  2. No spam, all-caps, or excessive swearing in chat.
    Acronyms, like WTF are ok. BUT TYPING LIKE THIS IS NOT.
    Swearing is allowed, but in moderation.
  3. No mods that give unfair advantage.
    There is a lot of grey area here. So to give examples, things like X-ray, flying, & auto-clickers, are not allowed. However others like minimaps, textures & shaders, shulker tooltips, etc are fine.
    If you’re uncertain, please feel free to ask staff.
  4. No offensive structures.
    If you can’t be mature, this isn’t the server for you.
  5. No excessive redstone.
    Massive machines, 0-tick devices, anything which puts excessive load on the server are not allowed.


Mob farm populations are controlled by the server.

  • Breeding is restricted to 20 mobs in a 16-block radius. More than this and they won’t breed.
  • Chunks are limited to 20 mobs each. More than this and the extras will be removed on chunk unload.
  • Spawners will spawn up to 30 mobs. More than this and the spawner will stop.